I can save time between changing flavors, no flavor-sharing with tubes

By running a vape shop that’s lifeblood is creating unique E-liquid filling blends for my customers, I change flavors a lot.

  • I change flavors more than any other business around here.

When I first started, I had the old style of E-liquid bottle filling machines–the kind with the sticky tubes? — and I was always struggling to make new flavors for people without having to constantly switch out the auto filling machine’s tubes. I decided to upgrade my E-liquid bottle filling machine. My old auto filling machine had served me well, but now that customers were demanding more individualized flavor options, I had to make a change. There was a little bit of a learning curve with the new vape cartridge filling machine, I won’t lie, but after I got used to it…Wow, this new auto filling machine was awesome! I have saved so much time and money by not having to switch out the tubes on this auto filling machine and the flavors don’t get stuck in the tubes causing that nasty flavor crossover in the E-liquid filling. My customers love the specificity that my shop can offer, and I love that it takes me just a few minutes with my auto filling machine to meet my customers’ every whim. The other neat thing about this new auto filling machine is that it automatically labels everything too. With my old machine I had to label everything with a permanent marker but since this E-juice bottle filling machine prints a label for every cartridge it makes everything look really polished. People can take my E-liquid filling cartridges to a party and not get weird looks from people because the label looks sketchy! My new auto filling machine brought my business and smoke flavors to the next level!
Liquid Filling Machine