I Bought a Heated Blanket For My Dog

My dog and I have been at war over the heat and air in the house.

Personally, I’m warm blooded, which means that my body temperature runs hot.

Because of this, I like to keep my thermostat set to 70 degrees in the evenings. If I set the thermostat any higher than 71 degrees, I wake up sweating and have to lower the temperature in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, my dog is the opposite. She gets really cold at night, especially if the temperature is set to 70 degrees. I love her so much and want to do everything I can to keep her warm and comfortable, but it’s difficult. I’ve tried raising the temperature on the thermostat so she can sleep warm and snug, but it only makes me uncomfortable. As you can see, it became a real problem. I couldn’t do anything about the HVAC system that I had, so I had to think creatively. I have a good friend who works within the HVAC industry, so I asked him what he recommended for my spoiled pup. He gave me two suggestions. The first being that I could get a small portable fan for the bedside table, which could blow cool air on me directly. I could raise my home’s temperature so my dog was comfortable, and I’d have the fan to keep cool. His second suggestion was to get a heated blanket for my dog. I chose the second option, because I could keep the temperature the same, but my dog could lay on the heated blanket for extra warmth and be unbothered. I never thought I’d be one of “those” dog owners.


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