There Was a Mystery Switch in My Loft, So I Hired an Heating & Air Conditioning Dealer

There’s consistently been a lightswitch in our house that had no use, then whenever I flipped the switch, nothing would happen.

I’m not sure when the obsession began, however it honestly bothered me that the switch had no purpose.

I was determined to find out where the switch lead to… At first, I assumed it went to a random wall socket. I went around plugging multiple electronics into all the sockets, & when I flipped the switch, nothing happened, then none of the lights came on, & none of the electronics turned on. Irritated, I took the cover off the wall & tried to find the wire that went that particular switch. This is where things went downhill. I wanted to follow the wire, so I started poking little holes in the drywall in order to follow the mysterious wire. After about 10 holes, I decided to try something new. I started wondering if the switch had something to do with our Heating & Air Conditioning system. I hired an Heating & Air Conditioning professional to come over & tell me if the switch leads to any heat or air features. Normally, the house complex hires their own Heating & Air Conditioning professionals, even though I knew they would never grant our request if I told them our reason. I hated to spend $100 on an Heating & Air Conditioning professional, even though I was eager to find what that switch went to, unfortunately, the Heating & Air Conditioning professional spent thirty minutes in our apartment, only to tell me that the light switch was outside his expertise & I’d need to hire an electrician.


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