Working as an independent HVAC specialist

When I got my HVAC licence and certification 6 years ago, the intent was for me to work for a heating and air conditioning business somewhere in my city.

However it didn’t work out that way because no one would hire me! They don’t like HVAC specialists right out of HVAC school for some reason.

So I had to go get a side job working at some store stocking shelves while attempting to start my own independent HVAC operation. After about 4 months, I finally got it going enough to where I could be an independent heating and air conditioning specialist full time on my own. I did find out some interesting facts though while building my independent HVAC business. In some states in the country you do not even need a licence or HVAC certification to become an independent heating and air conditioning specialist! This to me was very scary! Imagine having some idiot who knows nothing and just wants to be a heating and cooling specialist doing HVAC work in your home! After reading this, I found out my state was one of those! So one of my major advertising perks was I made it clear that I had my certification and I graduated from heating and air conditioning repair and installation school. This is what really helped get my independent HVAC business off the ground. Today, I am the top HVAC repairman in the area. It was not an easy climb to the top as I am sure you can figure out. The point is, always ask to see the certification if you are hiring an independent HVAC specialist!

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