Down at the firehouse

I currently work as a fireman at the local firehouse, and i can say that I appreciate my job even when things get dangerous plus every one of us have to go and alter put out some pretty deadly fires, however while every one of us are just hanging around the fire apartment waiting for our services to be needed for something, I clearly need to tell you that every one of us have absolutely fantastic indoor comfort in here, then the county recently invested in an industrial media air cleaner for the fire apartment along with a commercial HVAC unit that truly keeps things nice in here.

With all of the fire related stuff every one of us have around here, the use of an media air cleaner is a fantastic thing to keep the indoor air conditions one hundred percent fresh, and before every one of us had the industrial media air cleaner in the firehouse, things would occasionally get somewhat poor on the air quality side plus every one of us did not consistently have unbelievable indoor comfort. It wasn’t like that every day of the week, but I would say it was at least once a week every one of us had an indoor air conditions problem going on! And with all of us firemen having to be on the go plus alert as possible all the time, not having amazing indoor air conditions could become a real issue if someone is having dust sensitivity troubles and later needs to go fight a fire! So I am grateful that the county finally did something about this. The brand new HVAC unit is just an added bonus. But it too is beautiful!

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