The best A/C you could ask for

I just had to stay at this hotel deep in the inner city overnight for a convention that the corporation I toil for was having! It was about 2 hours out of where I live, so I was not making my way home late at night for that length of time. This hotel was pretty fancy to tell you the plain and honest truth, then and the best thing about it was that the air conditioning unit was unlike any other a/c I ever had been around in our entire life! The central air conditioning plan was the most crisp, scrub and cooling in temperature I had ever seen in my life. Anytime that you walk into the hotel it almost feels like you are in the air quality that you would get naturally being in the mountains! And that is saying a lot for this part of the city where the air quality is legitimately poor with all kinds of garbage and other things in it. This hotel’s commercial air conditioning plan was also equipped with an industrial air purification plan running through it as well. They actually took their air quality and their indoor comfort legitimately seriously! At around three or four hundred bucks per night, they better have the most top of the line, brand new and severely current commercial heating and cooling system. They better have the best darn air quality that currency could buy! To me it seems that they did just this. If only the common cheaper hotels would take a lead from these people, everyone could have indoor comfort while having to lodge anywhere overnight!



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