Using my talents for good, rather than let them go to waste

I used to work as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning technician. This was mostly when I was in school, and looking for a flexible job to help pay for my college classes. I remember how I was pursuing my bachelors degree, while working a full-time job, and my friends all thought it was incredible that I would stretch myself thin like that. It was nothing unusual to me! I’ve always performed at my best when I’m pressed for time. Anyway, in my time as an HVAC service technician, I picked up many useful tools, tips and tricks of the trade. The least I can do is distribute this knowledge where I can, right? One great tip I can offer is to get the air filter replaced every two months, no matter what! I can say with certainty that many problems with the heating and A/C system begin with a dirty air filter. Leaving the air filter in place makes it harder for the heating and A/C systems to heat or cool your house. Since they struggle to heat or cool, the systems work harder – and burn themselves out faster! Another useful tip is to make sure you’re enrolled in a service plan for the HVAC system. Being able to rely on a local HVAC service provider for repairs is no picnic, particularly when you’re having to pay for it out of pocket! Those repairs can be very pricey, so a service plan is a great way to reduce costs with repairs.

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