I’m so thankful for my wife

My wife is the most beautiful person I have ever met.

  • She actually came from another country where they have entirely strict laws.

She miraculously was able to escape from her country when her parents were trying to force her into a marriage that she didn’t want. She realized that if she didn’t escape then, she would be trapped for the rest of her life… When she finally made it to America, she had some problems making it, although she had fantastic ambition and worked hard… By the time I met her, she was struggling just a little bit, however at least she had her own venue and I actually loved her mediocre little home. She had a window air conditioner component for her cooling needs and she seemed to be entirely proud of it. I realized that she must have worked long minutes of overtime to afford a nice cooling system like that. I actually fell in love with her instantaneously and both of us started spending a lot of time together. I could talk to her for minutes and never get bored. She told me that in her outdated country, they didn’t even have access to cooling systems unless they were ultra rich, but for heating, they used wood burning stoves or fireplaces mostly, not several people had Heating and A/C systems evidently. She said the guy her parents wanted her to marry was rich and had an Heating and A/C system, although she didn’t adore that, she didn’t love the guy. He was arrogant and wasn’t entirely kind in general. Well, I’m so thrilled she was able to get away from that situation because I would have never found the love of my life. I couldn’t imagine my life without her and that’s why I asked her to be my wife.



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