Helping my sibling get back on his feet

He just finally thought that he was never going to find that special somebody.

I used to have so much respect for my sibling. When I saw him do well in school, I wanted to be just like him. When he went to an Heating and A/C school for his Heating and A/C certification, I felt proud when he made that achievement. He became entirely successful as an Heating and A/C specialist, however then his life started making a change for the worse. He started drinking heavily and eventually it got so excruciating that he was even drinking on the task. I could see the difference in his health when I would visit him. Not only was he not taking fantastic care of himself, although he wasn’t even taking fantastic care of his own home. His Heating and A/C system wasn’t in fantastic working order, and he was an Heating and A/C specialist! His air quality was terrible and it was like he never bothered to change the air filters. I had to have a talk with him after he eventually lost his task at the Heating and A/C dealer. He admitted to me that he was depressed. He said that he was never going to find love in his life. He had a few girlfriends through the years however none of them were ever right for him. He just finally thought that he was never going to find that special somebody. I couldn’t think it, I thought he was thrilled in life and I didn’t realize he was so depressed. I actually got together with some friends and both of us all talked about hooking my sibling up with somebody, however of course, both of us all agreed he would have to scrub himself up first and get back on his feet with a task. I talked to him and helped him through his problems and made sure he went to AA meetings. He started cleaning up a bit and finally started working at another Heating and A/C dealer; Eventually both of us hooked him up on a date with a fantastic girl who seemed to have a lot in regular with him, and they actually hit it off, and if all goes well, I hope that they are able to get married 1 afternoon.
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