It is nice to finally have heat in our car

I went an entire month this Wintertide without any heat in our car.

It was quite a miserable month, to say the least.

I have an eighth drive to labor and back each afternoon. It was so cold, and I dreaded having to drive anywhere, especially to work. My husband tried to figure out why the heat wasn’t working, although he just couldn’t diagnose the problem, he is not a mechanic, although he has done some mechanical labor in the past, so he thought he would at least provide it a try. I wish that he could have fixed the heating issue, although he just couldn’t. Both of us ended up taking our car to a mechanic and asking them to diagnose the problem. Both of us paid them to tell us what was wrong, however our husband wanted to service it. They told us the problem, and our husband was able to upgrade the area that they told him to for a lot less money than they would have charged us. Both of us were so gleeful to have heat again, however when we turned the heat on in the car, it still did not work; Long story short, the mechanic had mistested the problem. My husband did not do anything wrong. He upgraded the area that they told him to. It was just the wrong part. Both of us ended up having to take it back to the mechanic, and they fixed it, however it was super lavish. I want to complain about it in our heart, however at the same time, it is super nice to have heat in our car once again.

a/c professional