Life was simpler before the oil furnace

I love my oil furnace, even though I easily think that life was a lot simpler before I bought my oil furnace. When the salesmen convinced myself and others to get rid of my wood stove so that I could purchase a oil furnace, she had multiple convincing reasons for why I needed to get rid of my oil furnace; The first thing on that list was the convenience of owning a oil furnace instead of a wood stove. The oil furnace was supposed to make my life a lot easier, & I would save a lot of time & currency by owning a oil furnace. That was easily not true; Sure, I can use my oil furnace at night now without having to worry about the fire going out, & I don’t have to wake up early in the afternoon to turn my oil furnace on, but that is where the simplicity of the oil furnace ends, but in nearly every other way that I can think of, the oil furnace had made my life more complicated, my woodstove was nearly indestructible. I had it for years, & I never needed anyone to repair that furnace; However, as soon as I bought the oil furnace, I began spending thoUnited Statesnds of dollars on my oil furnace! Every year, I had to get my oil furnace checked by an Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker, & the oil furnace was chopping down constantly, also, even though I didn’t need to cut down wood for the oil furnace, I had to spend my money for all of the fuel for the oil furnace. I saved time by not having to start the fire or cut wood, even though I lost that by getting a task to afford the oil furnace. I miss my wood stove.

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