This wasn’t exactly the plan, but I’ll make it work.

Several years ago, I had this rare opportunity to buy a cheap RV from a friend.

This friend of mine claimed it was lightly used, and that the vehicle could easily last for decades if I took care of it.

I thought that was a pretty far reaching claim, but the price was just too good to pass up. So, I became the proud owner of an RV that I could travel the country with! There was just one big issue with the RV that I forgot to check. That was, of course, the heating and air conditioning system onboard the vehicle. When I first took the RV out on the road, I drove straight through a dry desert region in the middle of the night. Since it was much cooler at night in that area, I didn’t need any air conditioning – not just yet at least. Once the sun came up, though, that was a different story! I was baking inside the RV, and driving with the windows down was just as bad as driving with the windows up. There was no relief! I finally had to pull off at a big gas station on the road, and head inside just to cool off in the air conditioning for a little while. While I caught my wind, I asked the people in the gas station if they had any refrigerant. I was lucky, as they had one can left! I used the can on the refrigerant line for the RV, and said a quiet prayer that some coolant was all the A/C system needed. My prayers were answered! I started the vehicle up, and cool air began to flow from the air conditioning system vents. The rest of the road trip was a breeze!


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