Hoping that personal training will work my whole body

I have been thinking of getting a personal fitness trainer.

For years I have struggled to lose weight.

Everytime I go to the nurse’s office I am told that I need to lose weight. My knees, hips and back suffer from being overweight. I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure due to our weight concerns. I have tried getting a wide variety of gym memberships and had no success down that route. It is always intimidating walking into a gym. I am usually the greatest guy there and I have no clue how to run the machines. I can operate a treadmill, however I recognize bizarre taking up a machine meant for running and just walking on it. I always wonder if people are irritated with me. I have trouble decreasing the seat for stationary bikes and ellipticals hurt our knees. The weightlifting portion of the gym never holds any appeal to myself and others and the yoga mats might as well not be there. I don’t even know how to stretch and I don’t recognize I could stretch myself. I usually end up going to a gym a few times and then quitting due to embarrassment. I have been talking on the cellphone with this 1 personal training center. They seem to be a whole bizarre thing all together. Rather than release you into the wild, each guy is paired with a fitness expert. You need to do actual fitness classes in order to attend. I am wondering if this will be better for myself and others comfort wise. It might recognize less awkward being in a group.


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