Finding good HVAC while traveling

Our family doesn’t put a great deal of value on how much stuff we can own.

  • We just don’t.

Instead, we are really all about collecting experiences and memories. We prefer to save for exciting adventures that we can all plan for and then enjoy in lieu of buying yet another electronic piece of equipment. Look, we for sure believe in owning good stuff. Like we have a house that has state of the art HVAC. Keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter is high on our shared list of good experiences. I think where we may differ is that we like to do things as a family rather than spend money on individual things. There is more value to us in seeing something or exploring a new place than there is in purchasing another of the latest trend things. We love the travels and all the surprises that come with finding a new locale. However, we do live by the rule that wherever we stay on our trips, there is only one good source of HVAC. That source of good HVAC are the hotels that have those big wall heating and cooling units you can see from the parking lot. We have never once been disappointed by one of those. It doesn’t matter what time of year we are traveling. If there is that big wall unit HVAC, we know that our room will be at a comfortable temperature within minutes. Plus, we love to stay in these places because they are clean and basic. The free breakfast and newspaper in the morning aren’t too bad either.

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