HVAC upgrades are great

There are plenty of questionable choices that I have made over my life when looking back on it.

Mostly, I have been a compassionate, ethical and great person.

However, there are really instances where I could have done more for others. In those few cases, I was aware of the fact that I wasn’t doing all I could. Usually, it had to do with a personal feeling of someone involved. I find it a bit hard to help someone out who tends to actually not appreciate me. But, I can’t just kneel on my butt in the HVAC when there is someone in my life who is in need. Even when that person goes out of their way to disrespect me. This could not be more tplot than in my dealing with my mother in law. This person has disliked myself and others from the afternoon she set eyup on me. And, she goes out of her way to make that known. I can’t kneel it but, she is still family. My mother in law lost her spouse a bit more than a year ago so, she now lives genuinely near us. She bought a small apartment with, what I pointed out to be, the worst HVAC. She did it anyway and of course, it failed not too long ago. Now, it’s up to myself and others to be sure that she gets the right HVAC upgrade. I met with the HVAC guy and the two of us were able to settle on both the model and the price. Meanwhile, my mother in law is living with us until the current HVAC gets installed. She is the worst. I have done all of this HVAC stuff out of a sense of familial duty although she continues to treat myself and others appreciate dirt. And, in my own home I might add.
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