Heating & cooling proposal circulates construction debris

After our hubby & I retired from our tasks, both of us decided to start buying, fixing up & selling houses, both of us looked for a home in a good town that was in need of some renovations! My hubby & I are both quite handy & capable of completing most of the project on our own. My hubby is skilled at plumbing & electrical work, & I am experienced in drywalling & tiling. The home required us to gut & redo both lavatorys & the kitchen. Both of us needed to sand & varnish the floors, paint the walls & ceilings & install new light fixtures; While both of us ran tests on the many projects, both of us stayed in the house, and it was difficult to live in a construction zone with so much dust flying around. Both of us tried our best to keep particular areas scrub so that both of us could sleep without breathing in contaminants! Despite continually washing the floor in the kitchen & laundering the sheets, both of us had difficulty sleeping because of troubles with indoor air quality. Both of us were constantly sneezing, coughing & suffering from congestion, itchy eyeah & headaches. It took us a while to figure out that the air contaminants were getting spread through the home by the heating & cooling system, and as the proposal was circulating the air, it was drawing the dust & construction debris into the air duct & then spewing it back into every room. Both of us continually changed the air filters & tried sealing off particular vents, however it did little good. Both of us eventually needed to hire a licensed HVAC supplier to scrub the furnace, air conditioning & duct system.

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