Crazy weather in my area

The weather here has been nothing short of insane.

In the evening it has been chilly so disappointing that I have had to use both my central heating and my portable space heater.

It was that cold! Then by Noon the next day, it is so tepid I have to crank my central air conditioner method to 71 degrees just to keep it cool in the house… My control component sure has been getting a work out. I wish the weather would just option either tepid or freezing plus just stay there. This different temperature stuff in the evening plus then in the day is really driving me nuts. The area I live is a bit uncommon all around, even with the air quality; Periodically you will have nice air quality, plus then others you will have to use some sort of air purification method just to be able to breath. It is really insane. I have really thought about moving to a different area plus more so, a different state… But that would cost a lot of currency to do at this point, and so I am kind of stuck where I am at plus just need to rest around plus deal with it the best that I can. I am glad that I have a pretty current central HVAC system… And I am also thankful that I have a portable space gas furnace plus a portable air conditioner method as well. Both of these can either compliment each other, or they are there for me when my central heating plus air conditioner method goes on out on me.



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