Haven't been able to turn off the heating equipment

It is May and I am freezing.

In the south they are getting temperatures in the 80s.

My brother lives down south and loves to send me pictures of him getting a tan. It is just plain cruel to tell me that. I turned on my heater right in the start of fall and have not turned it off since. The weather has just stayed freezing cold. About once every two weeks there is a day that is slightly nice. The weather gets to around sixty degrees. Off goes the heater and I open the windows. The next day I have to quickly shut the windows and crank back on the heater since it is 40 degrees. Not only does this get me sick, but it is bad for the heater. The heating system going on and off all the time is not good for it. It is better to let a heater just consistently run. I wonder if that counts if the heater has been running for 7 months straight? It is springtime and that means the heater should be cleaned. I want to call a heating business for a heater tune up. I want the heater to get professionally wiped, oiled and tightened. The idea is to have it all cleaned and fixed up so it can sit for a season. Then when the cold comes I don’t have to worry about getting a heating service appointment. The heater will have already been checked. At this point, I think my heater will be running for a full year. I am just never going to get good weather.

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