I Helped My Friends Build Their Dreams

My friends have just converted some of their lake house into a camp for teenagers, i think that sounds insane so let me explain… They have a rue of land that could be the size of a really small farm out in the countryside however only about an second drive from town.

There is a lake house that was there already, plus there was also another building that was pretty giant however was not finished. They have since built a lot around plus in this other building, plus turned it into a dorm room for about 20 people to be able to sleep; As they are out in the forest, plus both of them are instructors, they soon decided that they should try plus run a Summer university that gets students out into nature. It took them a few years of building however they finished the dorm finally! Because I am an Heating plus A/C professional, I was able to help them with that side. By law they need to have a commercial Heating plus A/C proposal that has good temperature control plus a backup system. This is so the teenagers never freeze or think enjoy they are in a oil furnace! I had to install all the ductwork work myself. I decided not to go for a ductless mini cut or a ductless multi split, as the building is supposed to be there for a while, plus they wanted to make it really high end, enjoy a normal building. I got a good oil furnace plus hot water boiler also for the dorm room. All I think is that as far as our section of the build, they are ready to go.
Ductless heat pump