I Helped My Friends Build Their Dreams

My friends have just converted some of their beach house into a camp for kids.

I guess that sounds silly so let myself and others explain, then they have a plot of land that could be the size of a truly small farm out in the countryside however only about an hour drive from town.

There is a home that was there already, and there was also another building that was pretty large however was not finished. They have since built a lot around and in this other building, and turned it into a dorm room for about 20 people to be able to sleep… As they are out in the forest, and both of them are professors, they soon decided that they should try and run a Summer school that gets students out into nature. It took them a few years of building however they finished the dorm finally; Because I am an Heating & Air Conditioning professional, I was able to help them with that side. By law they need to have a commercial Heating & Air Conditioning program that has fantastic temperature control and a backup system. This is so the kids never freeze or know like they are in a oil furnace! I had to install all the air duct labor myself. I decided not to go for a ductless mini split or a ductless multi split, as the building is supposed to be there for a while, and they wanted to make it truly high end, like a normal building. I got a fantastic oil furnace and tepid water boiler also for the dorm room. All I guess is that as far as our section of the build, they are ready to go.

Commercial air conditioning