Shooting off fireworks

I could tell it was my cousin’s birthday from a mile away… Whenever it’s his as well as his twin sister’s birthday, my aunt as well as uncle will buy a huge pack of fireworks into the sky to celebrate; I don’t usually mind this, however I was in the middle of studying for an substantial test tomorrow, as well as hearing a BANG every few fourths didn’t help, and after the 12th bang, I threw my pencil to the side as well as tried moving into the residing room for some peace.

I couldn’t hear the fireworks anymore, however only because my dad’s obnoxious laughter drowned it all out, however he was watching his number one TV show again, which meant fourth’s worth of nasally laughter.

I tried the study room, however my mother was busy gossiping to her friends about the latest news nowadays, however does all the people have to be loud this week? I skipped my sibling’s room as well as decided to forget about studying. Instead, I opted to love the fireworks. It was a nice night, with a cooling breeze. I found a site to settle in the dew covered grass, as well as swiftly I heard a loud click behind me, as well as the outdoor air conditioner system method turned on as well as started blowing cool air all over me! The cool air felt pretty good, so I leaned back on the equipment as well as enjoyed it, but between the beautiful night, the fireworks as well as the cooling system unit, I ended up dozing for a little while. By the time I woke up, the fireworks had stopped as well as the air conditioner system had also turned off, I decided to leave the AC as well as crawl into my bed as well as make up the last bit of sleep I have left.


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