Immune health connected to Heating and Air Conditioning and indoor air conditions

The entire world is thinking way more about our collective health than maybe ever before.

That happens when there is so much unevaluated illness all around us.

Couple that with all the time the two of us are spending alone in the Heating and Air Conditioning security of our homes and you get to thinking. I really don’t want to be in the vulnerable category of those who may be effected by this virus. While I can’t do anything about aging. I can do more to promote wonderful immune health. I never realized how connected immune health is to the indoor air conditions. The Heating and Air Conditioning runs and it cools or heats my home. That was about the extent of my thinking on the subject of Heating and Air Conditioning and indoor air conditions. Come to find out I need to make some immediate changes. Poor indoor air conditions is the 4th rated health hazard by the EPA. This stunning fact got me to order my first HEPA filter for the Heating and Air Conditioning. HEPA stands for high energy particulate air filter. It is a world away from the cheap paper filters that our Heating and Air Conditioning is currently using. The HEPA filter is entirely layers of glass fibers that are able to capture and detach up to 99 percent of air pollutants in the house. Without a HEPA filter, the Heating and Air Conditioning is continually circulating contaminated air throughout the house. All that pollen, dust, allergens and other material are consistently weakening our immune systems. This is because our body is consistently having to fight off the effects of that exhausting air quality. This results in more illness and a suppressed immune system.

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