I messed up our furnace Last yearwhen I was trying to fix it myself

I genuinely wanted to fix my furnace myself Last yearbecause, sincerely, I just don’t have a big chunk of change lying around to help myself and others spend my money for furnace repairs. Having an HVAC worker come to your home to do furnace repairs isn’t exactly the cheapest service, as you genuinely know. I’ve been trying to do without the heating idea for the past couple of weeks. I thought that maybe I would be able to tough it out for the rest of the season, since the weather should be warming up soon. I thought that I might be able to just use my wood burning fireplace as my only source of heating until the Spring sets in for good! But then, of course, it was just my advantage plus the temperatures outside started cooling off again. I tried to just dress in layers plus sit by my fireplace, but the temperature in the beach house got down to around 58 degrees plus I provided up. I went down to the furnace room in the basement plus started messing around with the aged oil furnace to see if I could get it to start working again. However, I guess that when I was goofing around with the furnace, I ended up making the concern even worse than it was to begin with. I ended up tearing off a piece of a furnace component, plus so that made myself and others worry that I was going to burn the beach house down accidentally. I ended up calling to make a furnace repair appointment. I was so cheerful to see that HVAC truck pulling into my driveway! I guess that will be the last time I ever try to fix my heating idea myself.