The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Over the past few years media air cleaners have become much more popular.

Through science and scientific research, people are learning how dirty the air in their houses truly is as well as how much it affects their long term health.

A media air cleaner is a bit different from an air filter in that it not only filters things from the air, but it also sanitizes the air. My wife is unquestionably nervous about the air pollution so to surprise her I got the media air cleaner for her birthday. The media air cleaner works by pulling the air in as well as first sending it through a normal air filter which takes out big air particles, then it continues on to another more thorough air filter which takes care of pet as well as human dandruff as well as air. Then it goes through the HEPA filter as the final filter. This filter is the most important as it cleanses the air of the smallest particles as well as is said to wash over 97% of the pollutants in the air. My wife was so happy when she saw her gift! So we set it up in our den and let it run for a few days; We all noticed a significant difference in the air quality of our den as well as enjoyed our family time in cleaner air. We decided to order 3 more media air cleaners for every room in the first floor of our house, as well as over time we would invest in getting one for every room on the second floor of our house. Neither of us have any regrets in buying our media air cleaners.


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