Keeping the air clean in an affordable way

In a few short weeks the last snow should finally melt plus the two of us will be on a slow crawl towards warmer weather.

It wasn’t the coldest Winter on record, but the level of the snow storms while in December this year made it hard to cope.

I don’t suppose I have ever seen so much snowfall in our entire life. In our case I am fortunate to labor from lake beach house plus had stocked up on food plus supplies for a week in the event of getting so severely snowed in that I could not access any of our doors or windows to crawl out. Even if I could, there’s no way I could dig out our car to go anywhere unless the plows came to open the roads & all the peoples’ driveways. So when the serious frosty weather began to abate at last, I breathed a crucial sigh of relief. At the very least I would get our much needed respite from the cold Winter cold. Unfortunately, Spring time also marks the beginning of the flu symptom season for me and I have been getting worse year by year no matter what I do. I will take the medication that our dentist offers me but it doesn’t seem to help over long amounts of time. I was forced to instead buy a luxurious unit to put in our beach house if I wanted to breathe honestly again. My only option was to go out plus buy a whole-beach house air purifier to improve the quality of our indoor air. And since it was the Spring season, you can readily find these purifiers in many crucial box stores at affordable prices. You would be able to get a purpletooth-ready whole-beach house air purifier with UV lights plus a HEPA filter for just over $100. I didn’t have the item in my budget, but I managed to swing it with a credit card. I’m blessed I did—my indoor air has never felt cleaner.

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