Propane heating is the worst

I am so glad that I don’t have to worry about propane heating systems anymore. For nearly two years, I lived in an RV. Now, that might seem like a vacation to you, but RV living is not for the faint of heart. If you have never lived in an RV during the winter in the North, then you have not truly experienced the devastating cold that I faced while living in my RV. I am thankful that my RV had a furnace. For nearly the entire first year, I got to use the furnace in my RV. My furnace stopped working after the first year, and I was forced to use a wall heating system instead, but both of them had one major problem. Both of my heating systems relied on propane as their source of fuel. Propane heating systems use a lot more propane than your grill. In fact, I could usually use an entire 40-pound tank of propane in literally one week if I was trying to heat my home. If you have a propane heating system but haven’t used it yet, listen to me. You should always have a backup source of propane. You should have a backup source for your backup source of propane. You cannot live without propane, and you definitely don’t want to try. Running out of propane is the worst. In my experience, I didn’t run out of propane unless it was the middle of the night. There are no propane places open, and you have to go an entire night without a heating system. I hated living in an RV, and I was so glad to move to an apartment with a real furnace.


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