Music times

My friends plus I care about going to music festivals while I was in the Summer weeks, but both of us system all Winter which festivals we want to go to plus start saving money.

These festivals aren’t cheap so you have to be ready to spend some money on them before you purchase a ticket.

Both of us always love to go camping at the festivals too. This is a enjoyable way to meet new people plus see the festival grounds before the shows start, one thing I noticed this year that I have never seen before are air conditioned tents. Most of the time you are left to fend for yourself out in the Summer heat, however after many people have to go to the hospital they have decided to do something about it. It looks love they have an air conditioned tent with room for fifty people at every stage which is great. I genuinely recognize we are going to take advantage of these air conditioned tents this year. They will even have the concerts playing live on TVs inside the tents so you won’t miss any of the show while you are taking a split from the heat. This is a genuinely enjoyable plan plus I hope that they keep doing it for every festival after this. I recognize it will keep a lot of people from getting sick while they are out in the hot Summer sunshine all day for several days straight. Many people don’t take this into consideration plus forget to drink water while they are out there too.


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