On the lake

There’s nothing better in life than going out fishing at the crack of dawn.

I especially love doing this on this really beautiful lake that is about 30 minutes from where I live. The air quality and the temperatures are perfect in the early morning no matter what time of the year it is! It could be a dark cold winter in other places in the country where people are busy cranking their central heating systems just to keep warm. While I can just go out like it’s the beginning of spring and enjoy great air quality and great temperatures by the beautiful lake! There is nothing on earth like it I don’t believe. I have asked some of my friends in other states and areas if they have a place like this with the perfect air quality and temperatures and they said they do not. They always have to rely on central heating and air conditioning in their homes to get the perfect temperature control. And some people I know even have to use whole home air purification systems to get the perfect air quality that I get naturally here on the lake. I guess I should be thankful for what I got. Because it seems others in the country don’t have it so good and perfect when it comes to air quality and the perfect temperature control. I would never trade where I live in for the world! And I will always enjoy going early morning fishing on the lake with the best temperatures and the most awesome air quality.

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