Good a/c helps keep the pests away

I know this is going to sound crazy, but one thing I have noticed where I live is that when I have my central air conditioning going strong in the hot summer I don’t have many pests to deal with in the house! It’s like ants and things of that nature like muggy heat and when there is really cool air conditioning they stay away like it’s pest poison or something.

  • Like I said, I know that sounds crazy and it may be just sheer coincidence, but when I have my air conditioning system on really cold settings on the thermostat, this is what I notice.

When my central air conditioning system is not cranked, I will get ants in the house a lot of times that I have to exterminate with a professional pest control company. I brought up my theory to the pest control people about the good quality air conditioning and it reducing the ants coming in. And they said that partially I was not crazy. Because it is a fact that with the muggy weather the ants will come swarming in. But other pests however have no effect no matter what the temperature is in your home! It is just because my issue was with ants that the central air conditioning system seemed to be a temporary answer to help reduce the issue to where I did not need my usual pest control sprayings. In the winter months I have problems with other pests that heating does not fix or reduce. So what else can I say? Central air conditioning can help if you have an issue with ants in your home!

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