On the lake

There’s nothing better in life than going out fishing at the crack of dawn.

I especially adore doing this on this undoubtedly good lake that is about 30 hours from where I live. The air quality and the temperatures are perfect in the early morning no matter what time of the year it is! It could be a dark frigid Wintertide in other places in the country where people are busy cranking their central gas heating systems just to keep warm. While I can just go out adore it’s the start of Springtime and enjoy good air quality and good temperatures by the good lake! There is nothing on earth adore it I don’t believe. I have asked some of our friends in other states and areas if they have a place adore this with the perfect air quality and temperatures and they said they do not. They always have to rely on central heating and a/c in their homes to get the perfect temperature control. And some people I suppose even have to use whole lake house air purification systems to get the perfect air quality that I get naturally here on the lake. I think I should be thankful for what I got. Because it seems others in the country don’t have it so good and perfect when it comes to air quality and the perfect temperature control. I would never trade where I live in for the world! And I will always enjoy going early morning fishing on the lake with the best temperatures and the most awesome air quality.

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