I finally live in a nice apartment with a good HVAC system

For a long time, I was living in this run down apartment.

I don’t know why I decided to even stay in the place because the heating system was lousy, and I had to get my own window A/C unit just to be comfortable in the summer.

I kept asking the landlord if he could have the heating system fixed. It seemed like the landlord didn’t care at all if the people in the apartment building froze to death. He would usually dodge my calls and eventually I had to get a couple of portable heating units just to remain warm during the winter. This caused my energy bills to spike tremendously and that was basically the last straw. I finally ended up leaving when my lease was finished and I moved to an apartment that was actually nice for a change. I actually brought my portable heaters and window A/C unit with me, but it turned out that I didn’t really need them. This new apartment had a really nice ductless mini-split HVAC that provided both heating and cooling functions. It was cool because the HVAC unit looks sort of like a window A/C unit, but it’s hooked up to the wall. It doesn’t block my window view which is nice, and it’s highly energy efficient so my energy bills are not outrageous. I’m so glad that I was able to get out of that run down apartment, I don’t think I could have lasted there for much longer. It’s great living in a place that’s entirely nice.


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