I can’t believe my sister called her ex-husband to help with an HVAC installation

My sister used to be married to an HVAC technician.

We all thought he was a great guy at first, but he ended up cheating on her. I really went off on this guy when I found out about what he did to my sister. Well, more recently, she married a guy who is worthy of her in my opinion. They bought a new house and they wanted to get radiant heated floors in their place. They called around and the estimates they got for a radiant heated floor installation were through the roof. She actually considered asking her ex husband if he would be able to help install radiant heated floors in their home. When she brought this up, I thought she was nuts. She made some good points though. He was an HVAC professional and he was very good at these types of HVAC installations. Sure, she was furious at him for what he put her through, but he sure was good at his job. Even her husband thought it would be a good idea if they could save a good amount of money on the installation for radiant heated floors. So they ended up reaching out and her ex-husband said he would be happy to help them with the installation. I thought it was nuts that they would go for that, but he ended up doing a good job and he even provided them 50% off his normal rate for that type of installation. They saved a good amount of money, and they decided to remain friends after that.

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