My nephew was an HVAC expert before he went to HVAC school

I guess he studied everything he could find when it came to working on HVAC systems

My nephew has always been fascinated with air purification and climate control systems. He was telling me when he was coming close to graduating that he wanted to become an HVAC technician. I told him he definitely should go for it, but he said there was a problem. He said he couldn’t afford to take the HVAC certification course at the trade school he wanted to go to. I asked him why he didn’t ask his parents, and he said they wanted him to make his own way. He said he didn’t want to disappoint them, but he wasn’t really sure what to do. I told him I would give him the money he needed if he did some things to help me out with my HVAC system. I said if he came over to change my air filters regularly, clean my ductwork system, and check my HVAC system out, I would cover his schooling. He was really excited and thanked me. He was over at my house all the time working on improving the air quality in my home. Seriously, my nephew was like some kind of HVAC expert before his time because he really seemed to know what he was doing. Even when I had some minor problems with the HVAC system, he was able to fix those issues. I guess he studied everything he could find when it came to working on HVAC systems. I felt like he should have already been a certified technician. I was more than happy to pay for his school for all what he did for me and he says he will continue to help me out even when he’s an official HVAC technician.

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