Ductwork cleaning is a great idea for the house

My wife and I started to notice a lot of dust on all of the surfaces in our house.

Even though I was using a dust repellent cleaner everyday, those surfaces were still covered in dust bunnies hours after I cleaned.

I started to wonder if we had a problem with the ventilation ductwork. I called a few places to find out if I could get someone out here to give me a free estimate or evaluation. I didn’t find a single company that would give me a free estimate, but I did find a few places that would come look at the problem for a few dollars. I used the company with the best online reviews. They came to the house earlier this week. They used some special tools to look deep into the ducting. My wife and I found out that we had a lot of dust and debris built up in the system. Since the technician was already there, we decided to pay the company to clean and sanitize our ductwork. The technician used a long telescoping Pole to clean all of the ductwork surfaces. He installed a camera at the end of the pole when he was done, so he could show us all of the clean surfaces. The ductwork cleaning technician also found an area in the attic where we needed some repair work. One of the pieces of ducting was separated by 2 inches of space. Luckily, some duct tape fixed the problem right away. After all of the repairs, we should see some major changes to the indoor atmosphere in our home.