A surprise phone call from the HVAC center

The only thing we will be responsible to pay is the taxes

During the county fair last month, my wife and I signed up for a brand new Central HVAC unit. My wife and I did not expect to win the new HVAC unit, but we signed up for the contest anyways. The owner of the company was giving out 20% off coupons to any person that signed up for the contest. It was a clever way to get all of our information like name, address, and phone number. They even asked for our email address. We receive coupons and advertisements from the HVAC company every single day in our email. My wife and I were planning to use the coupon to tune up our air conditioner before summer. Our equipment is seven or eight years old, and we knew it could use a tune up and cleaning. My wife was planning to call to schedule the appointment at the end of the week, but we heard from the HVAC company first. They called on Monday to tell us that we were the lucky contest winners. My wife was shocked and surprised. I was even more surprised when she called me at work with the big news. All of the equipment will be free, and my wife and I won’t have to pay anything for the installation services either. The only thing we will be responsible to pay is the taxes. That will be a couple of hundred dollars, but we don’t mind paying that amount. Instead of fixing the old equipment, we’re going to have a brand new heating and air conditioning system installed next week.

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