The tree house needs some cool A/C

When I had kids, I hope that one day I would end up with a few grandchildren as well. My husband and I are very lucky to have three wonderful children and 10 grandchildren. A few of the grandchildren live far away, but we are lucky to have some of them clothes. Recently, my husband and I decided to build a big treehouse in the backyard. We see the grandchildren every weekend and they love playing in the yard. We have a few large oak trees that hang over the house and I thought they would make the perfect spot for a small tree house. My husband and I talked about the project for weeks. We finally went to the hardware store to pick out all of the wood and supplies. We started working on the treehouse last weekend. As we start to work outside, it’s clear to see that the treehouse will need some type of cool AC. It’s almost impossible to work outside for more than a few hours before feeling lethargic and dehydrated. If the kids were going to have a good time in the treehouse, I knew it was necessary to buy an air conditioner. My husband and I have been looking at portable AC units online. We also looked at a handful of mini-split AC units as well. There are a few options for the tree house. When we finish with the construction, we will be able to make a better informed decision. I I want the entire project to be completed before the kids are out of school, and that means diligently working every afternoon

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