I’m a clean freak and I love my whole house air purifier

There are many of my friends and family who consider me to be a total psycho when it comes to cleanliness.

It’s true that I put a great deal of value on maintaining a clean, disinfected and very organized environment. This just comes natural. My mother was a bit of a slob and she had a maid. That maid gave me something very valuable all those years ago. She taught me how important it is to have a very clean home. That lady added so much to my life by simply showing me the importance of germ free order. Well, just days ago, I had an HVAC upgrade that has helped me reach the pinnacle of clean. While I wouldn’t call myself a psycho when it comes to clean, I would indeed agree with the term, clean freak. I want my home to be spotless and I put the effort into that. Fortunately, it’s just me and my husband. But, we also have a dog which presents its own set of cleaning complications. There is no coming home from work and sipping fancy tea while I soak up the great HVAC. Nope, I get home and I get my clean on each and every day. For a long time, the smell of my house was not at all a reflection of the amount of time that goes into it looking as it does. This really bothered me because I knew the effort that I was putting in so, I wanted the air to be clean as well. I called the HVAC people and they put in the whole house air purifier. Now, my the smell of my home mirrors how clean it is.



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