HVAC upgrade actually saves me money

There is nothing at all wrong with saving money in my view.

  • I’m sure most would agree with that statement.

While I am not a straight cheap guy who doesn’t want to pay for anything, I will go out of my way for a bargain. I have my wife as a partner in the coupon and sale shopping. We love the feeling of having extra money for other stuff because we work hard to save on all of our purchases. But saving money isn’t just about purchases. In fact, saving on our HVAC energy bill is a high priority in our home. The area we live in has some brutal heat during the summer. There aren’t a lot of options for dealing with the heat other than staying in a body of water or being inside in the HVAC. Peak heat during the day can be kinda dangerous even. But, one thing we just don’t allow is for the HVAC use to make the energy bill spiral out of control. That’s why we feel that we are saving money by having the HVAC upgraded to a much more cost efficient model. Our old unit was still working but we were noticing how the energy bills continued to climb. The HVAC unit was having to work too hard in order to meet the cooling demand. The SEER rating, which rates efficiency, was 9. The one we replaced it with had a SEER rating of 22 which is very efficient. The difference in the energy savings alone helped mitigate the costs of replacing the old HVAC.
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