Pull down the HVAC load with some simple strategies

There is not time enough in my day, my week or my month to get all the things done that I would like to have get done.

  • My work keeps me really busy and also involves a good deal of travel.

The time that I am at home enjoying the HVAC comfort of my house, I like to spend with my family. However, there has to be time for keeping up with stuff around the house. Recently, under duress, I agreed to have a landscape company take care of our yard. It wasn’t so much the monthly expense that bothered me. What messed me up was that I had relinquished something that was my household responsibility. Now, I’m in charge of minor repairs, keeping the garage clean & organized and then all thing HVAC. That means that I am in charge of being sure the HVAC air filter is changed on time. I also have to make the appointments for the annual HVAC maintenance. There is one other job that I take very seriously and that is being sure the HVAC costs don’t get out of hand. I do this by being proactive. The house is sealed up and insulated really well. This keeps the HVAC treated air on the inside and not leaking out. I also make sure that we are all in the habit of closing drapes in order to reduce the direct sun heating during the hot period of the year. However, nothing makes the impact like the HVAC setting. Well, I solved that with a smart HVAC thermostat. It monitors the temperature constantly while also heating & cooling the house in direct relation to the outside temperature.


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