Traveling with the best HVAC

It’s so great to be part of a team.

I’m not talking about a local softball or kickball unit.

No, I’m referring to what I have with my best friend and wife. We are such a team. When one of us is a bit down, the other is always there to pick that one up. And, we love doing the same sort of things. Both of us are really adventure junkies. Not of the jumping out of an airplane variety but more a shared sense of curiosity and exploration. We aren’t really the hang out on the weekend in the HVAC and watch old movies sort. Luckily, we also have our own business so we are always in charge of our schedule. This allows us to make fun trips at least once a month or so. It’s fun to find a destination, learn about it and then get in the car and go. The travel is part of the fun. We like to take alternate routes that show us more about the area we are traveling in. One of our rules, when on these adventures, is to stay somewhere that has excellent HVAC. Both of us, before we had our own business, spent too many business trips in hotels with terrible HVAC. We really aren’t fancy as much as we are in need of a clean room that can be adjusted to a temperature we desire. Mostly we stop at the type of hotel chains that have the HVAC you can see from the parking lot. Those things do a great job of keeping a hotel room at the perfect temperature.


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