Semi-Private Fitness Training is a More Affordable Option

I really need to take some time to look after my health and wellness.

When I was younger, I really didn’t have a lot of time.

Now that I am older, I have lots of time, but I have no energy. In addition, I have pain due to being middle aged and overweight. What I need is nutritional counseling and will power to go along with it. What I also need is workout classes and to work out at a local gym. Unfortunately for me, I am much too embarrassed to go to workout classes, so I really want a personal trainer or private fitness training. Guess what? Ifg you are going to be embarrassed to go to workout classes, you better have a lot of money because a personal trainer isn’t cheap. When I asked the guys at the local gym if there were any other options, they told me about semi-private fitness training. The idea is pretty similar to getting a personal trainer, but rather than having him or her all to myself, there are a few people sharing the time of the personal trainer. In other words, semi-private fitness training means we can have our own workout plans with a personal trainer and split the cost. It’s a good balance between group workout classes and personal training service. It’s just a more affordable option for people like me who are introverts by nature and also don’t want to be hanging out with all the beautiful bodies in the health center classes.

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