Beautiful Locker Rooms Draw Me In

Because I am on a quest to become a bit healthier, I am considering becoming a member at a local health and fitness center.

To be truthful, I was a member of this same gym a few years ago.

At first, I went to the gym regularly, and I loved going. I was not going there for the yoga classes or weightlifting equipment, though. I went there solely to swim in the pool. This particular local gym is the best one in town. Everyone knows it. It is also the most expensive health and wellness center, but even so, it is continually crowded and well-attended. It has an association with the local hospital, which also helps its reputation. Anyway, I went to discuss the gym membership options the other day. Of course, they also took me on a tour and showed me the pools, the steam room, the sauna, the locker rooms, the workout classes areas, and the weightlifting areas that have both machines and free weights. I was once a member already, but like I said, before all I had ever seen were the pools. They offered a few free sessions with a personal trainer, but I never took them up on it. All I wanted was to swim, and truthfully, that’s all I still want. I admit that, but I will also say that the whole gym is just beautiful. The thing that really touched my heart, though, were the beautiful locker rooms. When you have to go to work after the gym, a beautiful locker room is mandatory. The beautiful locker rooms drew me in!


Locker room