Membership Discounts at the Gym Make Me Smile

I recently had to go to a physical therapy appointment; the office my doctor sent me to is owned by the hospital, and the hospital also owns a health and wellness center – otherwise known as a local gym.

While I was there learning about the different exercises that would benefit me now that I have arthritis, I asked about the pool.

The therapist highly recommended that I exercise in the pool as much as possible, and she told me that because I went to the physical therapy office, I was eligible for a membership discount at the health and wellness center. Well, membership discounts at the gym make me smile, so I was quite happy. Unfortunately, when I asked the receptionist about the gym membership discount, she acted like I was speaking a foreign language. She said she had never heard of such a thing. When I told her I was certain the therapist had said being a physical therapy patient entitled me to a membership discount at the health and wellness center owned by the hospital, she just continued to say it was not true. She was one of those people who doesn’t get off her butt to do anything. Annoying. People like that should not be put in a place where they talk with people. They should be squirreled away in a room doing data entry or something. I never did get my membership discount at the gym, so I did not end up joining the health and wellness center. I have to do my exercises in the living room instead of the pool.