Workout Classes Are Not My Thing

Recently, I got the bright idea to get back into regular exercise.

Okay, I guess I have to admit that I am not a person who has been into exercise my whole life. In fact, I despise exercise. There were a few years that I regularly exercised at a local gym. The doctor recommended that I go there to take workout classes or utilize the services of a personal trainer. Well, the health and wellness center, as it is called, does provide three free lessons with a personal trainer, but I never actually took them. They also have about 5 million different workout classes, but I never took those either. In fact, the only thing I did at the local gym my doctor recommended was swim and do water aerobics. Swimming was way better than the water-based workout classes, but sometimes there wasn’t a single lap lane available in the pool. I hated it when that happened, but if it happened to be the right time, I would go ahead and take the workout classes in the other pool. I am sure my doctor wanted me to go get my heart rate up while some cutesy twenty-year-old jumped around with her ponytail flying, but workout classes just aren’t my thing. First of all, I am an introvert. I don’t get more energy by being around crowds; my energy is drained. Who needs drained energy during workout classes? That is counter-productive. Secondly, I am old and fat. I do not like bouncing around in workout classes and hitting myself in the face with my boobs. Thirdly, I have arthritis. Workout classes hurt! I will join the gym again, but I will just swim.
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