Yoga increases my confidence levels

For several years, I was super interested in attending a yoga class, but I could never make myself follow through with it.

I had such intense anxiety that it was difficult for me to even leave the house most days, let alone find the courage to put on yoga pants and attend a class with total strangers. I felt like I was never going to manage to attend a yoga class. I dreaded the thought of interacting with the members of the local studio. Although I signed up at the yoga studio several times and even paid the membership fees, I never actually stepped through the doors. My physical health and wellness suffered. I was disappointed in myself and became rather depressed. I wanted to invest in my personal fitness and improve my overall wellness, but I couldn’t make myself participate in a crowded group fitness class at the local yoga studio. Eventually, I decided the best way to handle my fears was to create my own studio at home. All I really needed was a decent yoga mat, a couple of yoga blocks, and enough space to practice the various poses. I found some decent yoga training courses online and began working on my strength and flexibility. I tackled one pose at a time and gradually began to improve. I found this private endeavor much more effective than the overwhelming experience of group fitness classes. The strength training helped to tone my muscles. I felt stronger and more confident. After a few months of working out on my own at home, I noticed big improvements in my physical condition and mental health. This led to an increase in my confidence level. I have been able to get out more and participate in a few group fitness classes.

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