Sticking with a fitness program

This kept me from getting distracted from my wellness goals the way I usually do

I have a tendency to go overboard in everything I do. I’m the sort of person who becomes obsessive about something in particular for a few weeks or months and then ruins it, so that I never want to do it again. This isn’t an option when it comes to my physical fitness plus wellness. I don’t feel there is a choice whether or not I maintain a dedicated workout practice. I want to stay at a good weight and remain strong and healthy. I have tried a bunch of fad diets and workout. I could probably write a book about my failed fitness attempts. If there’s a new fitness craze out there, I guarantee I have given it a try. I’ve signed up for all kinds of physical training programs, including CrossFit, spin classes, yoga, pilates and all the various group workout sessions. I’ve tried boot camp, interval training, weight training and marathon running. None of these workout routines were a habit for longer than a few months. I always overdid and ended up sick of them. Then, I joined a new gym in the city that calls itself a health and wellness center. I had never heard of a wellness center before. It sounded good, so I decided to sign up at this new gym. Right away, the experience was different than before. The wellness center provided personalized nutrition and physical training strategies, determined by a licensed personal trainer. The personal trainer is dedicated to helping me achieve my fitness goals. My fitness trainer kept track of me, checking to make sure that I was keeping up with the personalized fitness regimen. This kept me from getting distracted from my wellness goals the way I usually do. After several years of membership at this health plus wellness center, I have stuck with it. I am happy with the results and plan to continue.


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