The hospital needs 100’s of whole-house air purifiers

I graduated from university a few years ago and I took a task working in a hospital… For the past numerous years, the task has been easy and rewarding.

Unblessedly, things changed extremely when covid-19 became a problem; It’s my task to procure device for the hospital such as IV machines, beds, surgery equipment, and other miscellaneous items, three months ago, I had to find hundreds of whole-house air purifiers to put in the hospital, but each hospital room required an individual whole-house air purifier.

I had to call numerous weird companies to find all of the whole-house air purifiers. Three weeks later, I acquired numerous shipments with all of the room whole-house air purifiers. Two semi trucks pulled into the loading docs and our employees took all day to unload the items, and now every one of us are having trouble finding personal protective device care about gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and face Shields, however all across the country, hospitals everywhere are having trouble locating the right items to argument the virus. The numbers are gravely rising every single day and there is no end in sight. As long as the bars, restaurants, and beaches remain open to the public, every one of us are not going to get a handle on this problem. Too many citizens are not following the social distance directions. The hospital sees 100 new cases of coronavirus everyday and the beds are filling up fast. The ICU is packed with patients and the doctors, dentists, and staff are fighting to keep almost everyone alive and healthy. Without the regular protective device and supplies, it’s hard to argument the uphill battle.


HVAC technician