Good times in the penthouse suite

It was nice being able to adjust the temperature control settings from anywhere

When my husband and I were talking about going on vacation, he said that he wanted to go all out. So, we ended up booking the penthouse suite at a really fancy hotel. I honestly didn’t think we needed to have anything so luxurious, but he insisted that we deserved it after all the hard work we had accomplished with our careers. This hotel was absolutely marvelous with an oceanfront and spectacular views from the balcony of the penthouse suite. The thing that really struck me was the amazing HVAC system in the penthouse suite. As soon as we stepped inside from the elevator, we were greeted with heating coming directly from the floors. When I exclaimed that we had radiant heated floors, my husband just smiled at me. He said we deserved the best, and he also mentioned the fact that we had gas fireplaces in all of the rooms, a lovely kitchen, and some luxurious bathrooms with jacuzzi hot tubs! We even had our own personal swimming pool out on the balcony area which was fantastic! You could actually go swimming and enjoy all the views! I loved the fact that there was a smart thermostat also which we could connect to with our smartphones. It was nice being able to adjust the temperature control settings from anywhere. The icing on the cake was the UV air purification system which kept the air quality great, and killed any harmful pathogens that might be floating in the air. I was actually sad after we had to leave, but we had some really good times in the penthouse suite!
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