The beach house is so hot

The beach house is so hot.

It is so overheated because our air conditioning is not working right.

I really don’t care about it when the beach house is hot. I usually keep the beach house around seventy degrees, & the control device says that it is ninety degrees in the beach house right now. There is still air coming out of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C vents, however it is overheated air. I am not sure what is wrong with our cooling system, however I hope that it is not something serious. I don’t mind paying to get it fixed, however I don’t want it to take an extended phase of time because I don’t believe I can deal with this heat for that long. It has been so overheated in the beach house that all of us like to sleep outside under the stars at night. We even slept outside last night even though it was raining. We just slept on the back porch. We got a little wet, however it legitimately felt good. I believe the whole family is looking forward to getting the cooling system fixed except our more than one youngest. They are seven & many years old. They genuinely like that the family has been sleeping outside. They want us to do it forever; at least that is what they told me. I am actually not sentimental it care about they are, however I am trying to complain about it in front of them because I believe they care about sleeping outside. It has actually been quite costly for our family, however I will be ecstatic to have air conditioning again & be done with the deranged sleeping outside thing.


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