I threw my window air conditioner out of the window in anger

I cannot believe that I just threw the air conditioner out of the window.

This might be the dumbest thing that I have ever done in anger.

At least the air conditioner was not new. However, I have only had this window air conditioner for a few years. I hate having to own a window air conditioner. I tried my best to find an apartment with a central air conditioner, but the landlord’s charge a lot of money for apartments that come with a central air conditioner. I wanted one with a central air conditioner, but there were no apartments with a central air conditioner that had a rent that I could afford. Instead, I had to settle with an apartment that had no central air conditioner. In order to cool my house, I have to use window air conditioners. I hate window air conditioners. For me, the worst part about the window air conditioner is that you have to install it every spring and uninstall it every fall. I cannot leave my window air conditioners in the window all year long because it makes my house cold. Well, this spring, while I was trying to put a window air conditioner in the window, I was having trouble balancing the window air conditioner. It was causing me a ton of frustration. Finally, after 15 minutes of trying to get the window air conditioner to stay in the window, I got angry and pushed the window air conditioner out of the window. It smashed on the ground and broke. I do not have a window air conditioner, and after a few minutes of looking at the air conditioner, I felt like a fool. I should have controlled my temper better.

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